​12 07 2019 Hungary , Kiskunfélegyháza, F. Móra Cult. Center 7 pm

15 07 2019 Hungary, Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle 8:30 pm

24 09 2019 Hungary, Nagykanizsa S. Hevesi Cult Center 7 pm

A special musical performance by Katica Illényi, Liszt and Artisjus award-    winning performer, Artist of Merit of Hungary, and member of the Academy   of Arts.

The Budapest premier will take place on the stage of Vajdahunyad Castle. Including Argentine tango, French tunes, world hits and swing. Of course, classical music will be part of her summer show.

Katica Illényi will also present the mysterious theremin, the untouchable musical instrument.

Andrea Bencsik will be her guest of the evening. Her passionate flamenco dancing expresses the depths and incomprehensibility of love.

Katica Illényi - vocals, violin, theremin


Andrea Bencsik - flamenco dance

Tibor Pintér - guitar

Zoltán Marosi - accordion

Sárkány Sándor - double bass

László Csizi - drums

János Illés - guitar

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