Katica Illényi in Ankara

Katica Illényi and his borther, Csaba Illényi, have had a concert in Turkey as they were invited by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.

Katica Illényi

Turkey, Ankara, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Vladimir Kulenovic

  1. November 26–30.


All the tickets were sold two months before the concert, because the Turkish audience was really interested in the Hungarian performers. The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra is one of the most renowned Turkish group in the ranks of international musicians. They are also assisting in the upgrading of the Turkish classical music education. The students of the music schools have participated in the rehearsal and the concert was also attended by the Hungarian delegation.

Success was enormous! The theremin has received special attention, just like everywhere in the world, because you do not need to touch it in order to play this instrument. The Turkish audience was really impressed by this special production. It has become a part of Katica Illényi’s concert that the audience can try the instrument. People were interested in this and many of them have also tried is out.



Csaba and Katica Illényi’s duet, which was filled with Hungarian, dynamic virtue, has received a big round of applause. One of the best part of the performance was the Astor Piazzolla Libertango, because after the final ending, the energy of inner demand for freedom has broken out in the concert hall.

Katica Illényi’s devoted goal is to acquaint  the Hungarian composers  with the world. The success of the F. Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2. was beyond the expectations.

Vladimir Kulenovic, who is a Serbian conductor, lives in the United States. Vladimir Kulenovic’s rhythmic conducting has filled both the audience and the performers with power.

Katica Illényi has also got an invitation by the Art Director of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra.

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