Katica Ill̩nyi РYear Opening Concert with Friends

Katica Ill̩nyi РYear Opening Concert with Friends

Budapest Congress Center January 14th 2017.

Myrtill Micheller, Katica Illényi, Hajnal Magyar, Péter Sárik, Árpád Pirovits, Csaba Illényi

Katica Illényi – Artist of Merit of Hungary, Liszt and Artisjus award winning violinist, the only Hungarian artist who plays the Theremin – is giving a New Year’s concert at the Budapest Congress Centre on the 14th of January. The opening event of the year includes special guests, who are not only fellow musicians but also Katica’s personal friends: Myrtill Micheller, Hajnal Magyar, Peter Sárik, Árpád Pirovits and Csaba Illényi.

The year opening concert is special, because the guests are each not only individually fantastic performers but due to their professional knowledge and popularity they give us an amazing artistic experience.

“We open the New Year together with musician friends who I not only admire as friends but respect them very much as musicians. With the concert we would like to wish everyone a carefree and happy new year rich in music. I am pleased that they accepted my invitation; the two wonderfully talented singers Myrtill Micheller and Hajnal Magyar who represent two totally different characters, Péter Sárik, who is one of today’s outstanding jazz pianists with his band, and last but not least Árpád Pirovits tap dancer and my brother Csaba Illényi violinist will join me on stage.” – said Katica Illényi

The program will be colorful in genre. The audience will hear easy listening, jazz, Hungarian and world famous hits, authentic classical music interpreted by the violin, piano and Theremin. The artists will appear on stage not only in solo, but also together in surprising formations. They would like to pass the joy of music during the evening, closing the concert with a finale.

Tickets: http://www.jegyelado.hu/rendezveny/illenyi-katica-ujevnyito-koncert-baratokkal


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