Illényi Katica: Tango Classic koncert a Vigadóban

Katica Illényi is going to have a classical tango concert in the wonderfully renovated Vígadó’s Ceremonial Hall on the 21st of October 2017.

The theme of the concert is the contemporary and classical music tango. Katica Illényi – Artisjus and Liszt Prize winner violinist,  Artis of Merit of Hungary – will present the prominent pieces of tango music of the 20th century, such as The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla, one of the most famous Argentine composers In addition to Piazzolla’s compositions, world famous pieces by Jacob Gade, Angel Villoldo, Richard Galliano and Piazzolla’s student, Saul Cosentino can also be heard. Of course, Hungarian composers’ pieces written in this genre, like Ábrahám Pál, Lajos Kolta will also be heard.




“Because of the concert, I started to learn Argentine tango. I have understand why this style is so popular. The body moves with the music. There is a beautiful male-female connection. There is humility and passion in music and in dance too”, says Katica Illényi, violin and theremin artist.

The conductor is going to be Márton Rácz and the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra will also participate. The conductor and the members of the chamber orchestra are young musicians, who perform with Hungary’s outstanding musicians and bands. Rita Termes is going to be the pianist who is an adjunct at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy.

Rita Termes is going to be the pianist who is an adjunct at the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy.

The main purpose of the concert is to resupply the classical music audience, to present national and international contemporary composers and to contribute to the society’s musical education through classical musi

Katica Illényi’s most popular recording is the Tango Por una Cabeza – from the Scent of a Woman movie.



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