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Illényi Katicával, Magyarország Érdemes Művész és Liszt-díjas hegedű és thereminművészével beszélgettünk. Hazánk egyik legsokoldalúbb művésze új szenvedélyérÅ‘l, a tangóról és nyári terveirÅ‘l is mesél nekünk…

How do you feel yourself nowadays?

Fine, thank you. I have a job and I have a goal. If I don’t have these then I feel bad. It is even more important for me to have a goal than a job, because if I have a goal, then I also have a job.

What is your goal?

My goal is always a new concert and a new repertoire. Everything else comes with this, for example with who I work, where I work, how I work, what is going to be the order, what is going to be the scenery, … This is the most enjoyable time of the preparation. Of course, it is stressful, because the decisions have to be carefully made in order to have a good repertoire. But fortunately, I am surrounded with good people, and I have a happy family background. I get help and support to do my job.

What are you doing now?

In addition to the performances in the summer, there is going to be a special concert called “Tango Classic” in Vigadó, where I will perform my favorite music: Astor Piazzolla “Four Seasons of Buenos Aires”. In addition to this, there is going to be foreign and Hungarian classical tango with the accompaniment of the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra. The concert will have an Argentine atmosphere. It’s very exciting, because I’ve never made a tango night before. There is a huge demand for this genre, there are many people who dance Argentinian tango at home too. I recommend this concert to everyone who loves this world or who wants to know this world.


You are an extremely versatile artist: you are playing violin and theremin, you are also singing and tap dancing at your performances. Where did the dance come from?

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina. My father played violin in the Opera, and he saw how injurious this is, so my parents did not let me do this. It really hurt, I always felt that I could have been successful.After all, that’s why I started to tap dance at college, but later I learnt classical and modern ballet and later I did jazz dancing…This former hobby is now part of my concerts. For example, I’m currently attending an Argentine tango class with a private teacher for my upcoming tango night. My aim is not to perform with it, but to try it out. I would like to experience how is to dance for the music that I play.Now I understand why there are so many people who dance tango, as their body is floating with music and there is also a very nice male-female connection. The man leads, the woman allows it, but she does not go into a subordinate role. For me, tango is a miracle, you become one with the music! The two dancers are interweaved and they have to adapt constantly to this position. The woman has to learn to become one with her partner even if her eyes are closed. This trust is a touching experience … However, tango is an improvisational genre.

You also sing at professional level at your concerts. Are you constantly improving yourself in this field?

I have singing classes every week. I have had this habit for twenty-five years. I have had many teachers and I’ve learnt something from everybody. I studied classical vocal training, which is very good, because this is the basis of everything. Currently I’m studying with Hajnal Magyar at the Hungarian Hajnal Singing Studio, where there is a so-called speech-level vocal training.The essence of this is that you sing on the tone that you are talking. You cannot sing light, jazz or pop music with classical, opera voice and this is true vice versa. Hajnal has studied in America and her teacher was Seth Riggs. Seth Riggs has also taught Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder and many other well-known stars. I have improved a lot with this method and I have also learnt to sing different genres differently.

And one more question. Are you going to have a holiday somewhere?

I will go to Szarvas, to the bank of Körös. It’s a tradition for us – it’s a family holiday. We rent a house next to Szarvas and there is the Körös River at the end of the garden … My mother also comes and my brothers will come home from abroad and they will also bring the kids. I could not imagine a better group. Rowing, cycling, … children’s day. I just like to relax in quite places and I try to avoid the noisy places. 

Author Ildikó Kámán




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