Katica Illényi conquered the audience

Katica Illényi conquered the audience at the „Classical, Water, Music and Flower Festival”.

The Water, Music and Flower Festival at Tata, opened its gates to its audience with Katica Illényi’s classical overture, and overwhelming performance. From June 27th, the city gives home to the biggest artistic festival in the region.


Of a full house on Thursday at the Palm Event House. Her show exceeded all expectations, it was exciting and energetic. Her audience was not only satisfied, but their souls were filled with positive energy. Classical music literacy, intuitive massive art and entertainment were present simultaneously during her performance. The awarded violinist captivated her audience not only playing the violin, but with her fascinating personality. Katica also bought a surprise with her to the festival. She played Gounod Ave Maria, Once Upon a Time in the West from Morricone and Saint Saens Swan on the untouchable instrument, the Theremin. Only exceptionally talented musicians are able to play on this instrument. It gives sounds without touching it, as you make gestures with your hands. It was brilliant!

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