Insight into Katica Illényi’s Tango Classic concert



Katica Illényi, Artist of Merit of Hungary, member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, Liszt Award winning violinist gave a Tango Classic concert at the Ceremonial Hall of the beautifully reconstructed Pesti Vigadó on October 21st.

The concert was conducted by Márton Rácz, with the participation of the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra.
Accompanied by Rita Temes on piano, lecturer at the Liszt Academy of Music and the University of Theatre and Film Arts.


The theme of the performance was contemporary and classical music tango. The most important and prominent works of tango music of the 20th century were played, such as Astor Piazzolla’s  four-movement suite The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires. Apart from Piazzolla’s compositions, the audience could hear Jacob Gade, Angel Villoldo and Saul Cosentino’s world famous pieces. Interesting part of the concert was to hear Hungarian composers tango pieces like Tibor Kocsák’s tango theme from his Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs ballet.  

There was a huge international interest ahead of the sold out concert. Guests arrived from Australia, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Israel and fans purchased tickets even from Thailand to her concert.

The evening was opened by Judit Juhász, spokesperson for the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Katica Illényi designed this evening as a tribute to the noble representatives of the tango genre. This is a great choice by an artist whose musical world is so sensitive and rich, who had a glamorous talent early in her childhood, and who by the age of fourteen could become a student in the special talents class of the Academy of Music. Today, Katica Illényi is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, an internationally acknowledged violinist and excellent singer. Katica uses her success to support early stage musicians, internationally promote the works of Hungarian composers and popularize sophisticated music. She was born for the stage, her personality, subtle femininity and essence has a profound effect on her audience.” – Judit Juhász said.


Thereafter, His Excellency Sr. Maximiliano Gregorio-Cernadas, the Argentinian Ambassador to Hungary took the stage to say a few words to the audience, to express his gratitude for the interest in his country’s music.
“The greatness of tango has been proven by many music icons, including Guidon Kremer, Yo Yo Ma, Daniel Barenboirn and Placido Domingo. To my greatest pleasure, we will experience one of my personal favorites, the tango, in the interpretation of a highly trained and wonderfully talented musician, Katica Illényi.” – said the Ambassador.


We once again experienced a world class performance by Katica Illényi. The most prominent part of the concert was Astor Piazzolla’s – The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires. The four-movement suite can only be interpreted so passionately by a mature violinist. A musician who can overcome the technical workout, so we can experience passing, creation, heaven and hell, the eternal cycle of the four seasons and the deliberate dissonance can dissolve in the relief of rebirth.

Katica Illényi performed Saul Cosentino’s Sin Tu Mitad tiltled song in Spanish. The composer who was Astor Piazzolla’s student before becoming his friend, watched Katica’s performance live in his home in Buenos Aires through the internet.

In the spirit of the concert I started to take Argentine tango lessons. Now I understand why this  dance is so popular. The body glides together with the music, the connection between man and woman is beautiful. Humility and passion in both, music and dance.” – said violinist and theremin artist Katica Illényi.

The main purpose of the performance was to maintain the growth of generations of the classical music audience, to present Hungarian and international contemporary composers and to contribute to the musical education of the society and to deepen cultural relations between the peoples of the world, such as Hungary and Argentina.
For this purpose, the concert was recorded by television, which is provided to domestic and international television stations for free broadcasting.

Helena Bartoldi, Indigomedia



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