Artist of Merit of Hungary

Katica Illényi was awarded the Artist of Merit of Hungary
As one of the most versatile artists of Hungary, on March 13th, Zoltán Balog Minister of Human Resources and Péter Hoppal Secretary of State for Culture presented Katica with the Artist of Merit of Hungary award.

Katica Illényi’s artistic work after the Liszt award which she received in 2012 is now recognized by the State and was awarded the Artist of Merit of Hungary. They address outstanding artists with this award, who have wonderful artistic values and who have been established in the field of Hungarian national culture, and who already possess an award donated by the minister for culture.



Katica Illényi is an outstanding personality in the national music scene. At the age of 14 she has been admitted to the Academy of Music in the class for special talents. In 2014 she was elected as a member of the Music Division of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. The internationally recognized violinist’s positive personality, expertise and awareness is capable of transmitting the works of Hungarian composers to societies around the world: both classical and jazz music. Katica Illényi’s work contributes the rank of Hungarian music culture internationally. In recognition, in 2010 she was chosen among the artists who internationally represent Hungarian musical culture. She stands in line with Zoltán Kocsis, Andrea Rost and Marta Sebestyén.


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