When I was a child, I was flexible as rubber.


In each step I made I felt as if there were springs in my feet. Since I’m an adult I hardly had this feeling (only in my memories).

Since yoga and bodyARTbecame part of my life, I got back the flexibility of my childhood.
Every morning I get up as if I were weightless. After each yoga lesson while taking a minute rest lying on the ground, I have the feeling that everything works perfectly in my body as it should and meanwhile I feel endless peace.


The first time you meet yoga gives you an especially new experience for your body and in a short time you can feel the holesome effects that can’t be compared to anything else.

Right after the first lesson I noticed an interesting thing on myself: after having sat into my car I had to set my inside mirror because it was too low for me now.
Wow! I thought.
I’m about 10 centimeters taller than befor the lesson.

Each excercise is for stretching the spine. Just think, 80 per cent of our days we spend with sitting while not stretching our spine, we just let our vertebraes to slide too close.
Practising yoga resets our spine amazingly into the vertical position and teaches us to be with straight back all the time.

I have been watching the beginners for quite a long time and I gladly notice the changes on them already after the first few month:

vanishes the fat from our hip without going on a crazy diet
strenghtens the back muscles and stretches our spine
back ache and pains in your hip disappears
improves efficiently balancing
improves your condition and your body becames stringy
streches the muscles and joints, due to this you became more flexible
each excersises massages a certain organ
as a result of the sweat a lot of toxic disappeares from your body
cleans your skin and the whole body
teaches you to controlle your body consciously

Moreover improving the body it has positive effects on your spirit and soul:

it improves ability of concentration
increases determinity and will-power
teaches you to have sence of purpose and to be persistent
teaches you how to accept things


Anybody can start doing yoga unaware of age. There is no concurence, there is no opponent you have to beat only one person: yourself.



is an intense holistic functional whole body workout which combines strength, flexibility, cardio and breathing. Based on the principles of Yin and Yang and the 5 elements, bodyART training creates a dynamic between activity and passivity, tension and releasing. It effects and balances each participant in its individual needs while experiencing a tough but energizing complete physical training. bodyART™ training has been awarded as best international concept by ECA OBOW awards in New York. Experience/Explore the art of movement!


YOGA and bodyART! I recommend it to everybody with love:

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