Katica Illényi Buenos Aires

Katica Illényi at the Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo in Buenos Aires, 5 October 2019

The Hungarian Ambassador in Buenos Aires gave an inaugural speech and the Argentinian Ambassador in Budapest sent a message to Katica with his good wishes.

The concert was great, with Argentinian musicians from the Teatro Colon and other symphonic orchestras. Sylvia Leidemann - president of Ars Hungaryca in Buenos Aires - organized the chamber orchestra. All musicians were very professional and enthusiastic.

One of the violinists started to learn violin 12 years ago when he watched Katica's videos on YouTube. Now he is a very good violinist in Buenos Aires.


The audience was happy from the first moment on, applauding, shouting brava, bravo, wow and crying when Katica was playing Bach Preludium and singing the song Sin Tu Mitad, composed by Saul Cosentino. Mr. Cosentino was there and cried with all persons in the theatre. It was a very nice and emotional moment of the concert.

Some people came from far away to see Katica, drove 600 km to Buenos Aires and 600 km back. In the audience there were more Argentinian than Hungarian people. There was the grandson of the famous violinist and composer, Georges Boulanger, born in Romania, who first played in Europe and later moved to Buenos Aires where he performed and died. The grandson is a big fan of Katica because she plays Boulanger’s pieces too.

Summarizing, the event was a huge success, with standing ovations and with many very happy people.

On Sunday evening there was a surprise private party for Katica, organised by Saul Cosentino and Daniel Goldstein pianist, with a lot of musicians and singers who live in Buenos Aires.  Together they performed tangos and classical pieces and they celebrated Katica, who performed some tango pieces with Daniel Goldstein. Daniel and Katica have a plan to play together next year in Italy and other places.


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